About WCSC

WCSC2World Cup Soccer Camp was founded at the request of many parents who were disillusioned and disappointed with the lack of instruction and subsequent lack of improvement offered at previous camps their children had attended. Although many of these soccer camps had good intentions, and some were even fun, they offered very little in developing skills, tactics and character. With that in mind, WCSC was established with three core principles:

Principle 1: Character

If our campers can evolve into great soccer players that is tremendous, but we would rather have them evolve into great human beings first. Therefore, at WCSC, character is priority number one. We attempt to challenge and improve each campers character every day. This begins with our commitment to excellence within a consequence-based training environment.

Principle 2: Skills and Tactics

The key to success in any sport is mastery of the fundamentals. This is what we are all about at WCSCwe try to build a solid soccer foundation in each and every player, based on fundamental skills and tactics.

Principle 3: Fun

At WCSC, we feel training should involve hard work and sacrifice, however, this doesn't mean it shouldn't be fun. That is why we have created a stimulating, fun-filled program, not only to ensure improvement but also to inspire kids to want to play soccer.

At World Cup Soccer Camp you will improve your game and have a blast doing it.


  1. Every Camper Matters: At WCSC, we care about each camper and his or her improvement. We have therefore created a curriculum to involve everyone regardless of ability. We adhere to the Slantly-Line Concept of teaching, in which the camper is challenged to perform at his or her own level of competency, not to a set standard.
  2. "Learn Through Play" Coaching Approach: Why do 80% of kids who play sports drop out by age 12? The main reasons are they are bored and no longer having fun. It is no wonder they are bored; far too many of their soccer practices consist of traditional, static drills with too much emphasis on the "3 L's" (Lines, Lectures, Laps). We believe that kids learn best through competitive games and activities with the focus on fun, challenge, creativity, problem solving, and motivation. Our curriculum involves every camper and maintains their interest while inspiring them to become the best soccer players they can be.
  3. The Competitive Climate: At WCSC, we believe that progress comes best from competitive training sessions. We want our campers, especially girls, to know that its not only okay to compete with fury, but its expected of them. We create a training environment called "The Competitive Climate," in which all drills and games are designed to be as competitive as possible. This makes training more effective and enjoyable.
  4. High Expectations: Children will generally do what is expected of them. Therefore, at WCSC, our expectation is that our campers will consistently do their absolute best. We expect them to demonstrate hard work, perseverance, and class at all times no excuses or exceptions!



As a local business owner, coach and parent of two, I embrace the tremendous opportunity and responsibility I have as the director of World Cup Soccer Camp to positively impact our campers. Our staff's ability to teach with a positive attitude, enhanced by our playing backgrounds and commitment to excellence, means that each camper will leave camp a better soccer player, teammate and individual. As one of the original campers at WCSC in 1988, I am blessed to keep the strong tradition alive that coach Dean worked so hard to create.

Warmest Regards,
Dave Gleason