Basic Overview of the Daily Agenda

Morning Meeting: Coaches present the agenda and expectations. As the week progresses we review what we have covered so far in camp and get them fired up about whats next!

Sports Performance: Coach Dave has been training young athletes for 30 years and was the owner of one of the most recognized sports performance facilities in the world. Every morning he and his staff will provide the campers with age appropriate physical preparedness training as well as a combination of strength, coordination, speed and agility.

Fun Soccer-Related Activities: A great, fun way to start the day.

Small Sided Games: These small sided games allow maximum involvement and touch for maximum improvement.

Skills & Tactical Training Sessions: During our training sessions coaches break down and thoroughly teach the fundamentals of the game by using a variety of presentations, demonstrations and drills. This enables each camper to become a complete and exceptional soccer player. Our training sessions are implemented in a high-pressured, competitive atmosphere to ensure maximum improvement and quick, intelligent decision-making.

Magic Moves: (a.k.a. playing like Cristiano Ronaldo) The highlight of our training sessions are Magic Moves, which are 1v1 moves used to beat an opponent. We want all our campers to play with flair and be ball magicians, so they can be unstoppable forces on the field.

World Cup Matches: Each camper is assigned to a team throughout the week. These teams participate in daily, small-sided World Cup matches. This not only allows campers to play, but also presents an opportunity to utilize skills and tactics learned earlier in the day. League play also gives coaches an opportunity to evaluate and teach campers during actual game situations.

Daily Recap: Review of the day's skills and tactics.

Wrap Up: Campers receive a "Character Counts" handout, followed with an inspirational "Do the right thing" message. Also, standings from the World Cup tournament are announced.

Homework: Practice, practice, practice

WCSC also offers:

Friday's World Cup Ceremony & Tournament: The week's matches culminate on Friday with the World Cup tournament. It begins with an opening ceremony which includes team introductions, followed by each team performing their chant and song for loyal supporters. Immediately following the World Cup tournament, coaches conclude the week with their annual play.

Quality Goalkeeper Program: Our objective is to teach the technical and tactical aspects of goalkeeping, and to have instruction and repetition in the training environment. Coaches are responsible for ensuring that training sessions are energetic and intense.

Mighty Mites: Our Mighty Mites program (grades one and two) holds true to the same core principles of WCSC, but with a lot more emphasis on fun and being silly. Not only do our Mighty Mites learn the great game of soccer, but they have a lot of fun in the process. There are also crafts and other off-the-field activities to break up the day.

Having sent five daughters to World Cup Soccer Camp it is safe to say that their success in soccer would not have be possible without Coach Schneider and his outstanding staff.

John Vendola, Parent