High School Camp


Skills & Tactics * Chemistry * Character * Fitness

For more than two decades WCSC High School Team Camps have provided the perfect preseason training environment for teams. Offering an exciting opportunity for teams to prepare for and get a head start on the high school season. The camp format is a unique blend of training, games, fitness, team-building and other activities for your team to star t your pre-season and to ensure your team the best possible camp experience.

If you would like to schedule a team week or single team session for your HS Team contact coachdavegleason@gmail.com


Outstanding Staff, Curriculum and Atmosphere

With a staff experienced in coaching boys and girls, we effectively teach skills and tactics in a positive environment conducive to learning. The coaches breakdown and thoroughly teach the fundamental skills of the game by using a variety of presentations, demonstrations, and drills that will enable each camper to become a complete and exceptional soccer player. We are confident that the quality o f this camp will meet and exceed players and coaches expectations. For those of you considering our team camp for the first time, we believe you will find it to be the most comprehensive team camp available. The training at WCSC is intense and demanding but a whole lot of f un, too. It is our goal that you return to your soccer team a better and more confident player with the ability to have a greater impact your first step on the field.

Daily Schedule

Each session is comprised of intensive team sessions, featuring technical, tactical and functional (by position) training. Teaching our Magic Moves is one of our highlights, these are 1v1 moves used to beat an opponent. We want all our campers to play with flair, be ball magicians, and unstoppable forces on the field.

The will also switch to game situations, both small sided and 11 a-side. This gives campers the opportunity to utilize skills and tactics learned earlier and enables coaches to assess and instruct them during match play. The afternoon sessions will also consist of a round-robin team tournament.