Our Success

What separates World Cup Soccer Camp from other camps?


Although our training environment involves a lot of intensity and hard work, it is also filled with levity and encouragement. This brings balance to our training and has our campers coming back year after year. Even the most serious training session is filled with banter, camaraderie, and fun. We celebrate a beautiful goal, tease each other when someone is nutmegged and generally have a good time. We want our campers to be extremely competitive when they play, however, we don't want them to agonize or overly soul-search about soccer. We believe a camper, and his or her parents, should not take the game too seriously. Soccer should never become his or her life, just part of it. There are a lot of things far more important than soccer - such as faith, family and friends.



The outstanding atmosphere at WCSC can be attributed to one thing: our coaches and the caring and relaxed rapport they develop with each and every camper. The coaches at WCSC are terrific, talented young men and women who possess a great sense of humor and go out of their way to ensure every camper is involved, learning and having a good time.